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  • What is the meaning behind Ruli N Rylan?
    Ruli N Rylan is a combination of all of our daughter's names! Ruby and Lily make Ruli. Riley and Dylan make Rylan. Our girls inspire us and push us to be better role models for them each day.
  • What sets us apart?
    We take great pride in every single piece that we produce at Ruli N Rylan. Each tie dye piece is handmade with the best quality professional dye. The colors are hand mixed and tested before they are applied and will not fade with time or numerous washes. We care about our customers and that shows through our products.
  • Can I customize an order?
    All orders are custom made! You can always add on to customize any item further. Fringe it! Bead it! Personalize it! The options are endless!
  • What are my font options when I personalize an item?
  • Where are you located?
    Ruli N Rylan is based out of our loving homes in Long Island, NY.
  • Do you accept retruns and exchanges?
    Due to Covid-19 and other sanitary reasons we are unable to accommodate returns or exchanges. All items are CUSTOM and FINAL SALE. *No refunds will be issued* Should you encounter a manufacturing issue with a product or your product is unwearable upon receipt, please contact us within 24 hours so we can discuss options. Size charts have been provided for all garments. Sizing discrepancies have been indicated where necessary. The purchaser is responsible for picking the correct size garment. Ruli N Rylan is not responsible for items too small or too large. All items are custom and there are no exchanges or refunds.
  • What are the care instructions?
    All personalized items should be washed inside out on a delicate/cold cycle. Absolutely no stain lifters should be used. As with all delicate items, we recommend hanging garments to dry. The vinyl used for personalization is extremely heat sensitive and will melt in a hot dryer. All tie dyed garments have been rinsed cold to hot three times and washed in a regular cycle twice before being shipped to you. We still recommend washing an additional time separate from other items to ensure there is no bleeding of color on other garments. Dry as you normally would. Please keep in mind items are made of very high amounts of cotton and some shrinking may occur. Ruli N Rylan is not responsible for items that have been damaged during the washing process
  • How do I choose the correct size for me?
    Visit our SIZE CHARTS to find the perfect fit!
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